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Studly is a new portal and marketplace for horse owners in Denmark. Our heart beats for horses and breeding, and we believe that every horse owner deserve their own dream foal.

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Who’s Studly, and what do we stand for?

As horse owners, we’ve experienced first-hand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to do activities related to breeding. Our goal is to simplify the process of finding the perfect stallion for your mare, while we introduce ease-of-it-all if you offer covering from your stallion as well.

We’ll gladly challenge the otherwise traditional horse industry if that means we can bring you the foal of your dreams – and a better user experience overall!


Our mission is to challenge the horse industry by developing innovative solutions, and by facilitating a platform that’s driven by our partners, but also current and future horse owners.


Our vision is to empower the horse industry and perfect the breeding experience.


To be responsible and have a deep understanding for the influence that our work has on the horse industry.


To be transparent and acknowledge the feelings associated with having horses.


To stay innovative and use data to deliver clever solutions that’s thought through.

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The history of Studly

Studly was founded in February 2019. However, our story begins way before that with our CEO, Ingunn Lilja Bjarnadottir. With Icelandic roots, Ingunn moved to Denmark with her family when their stallion won the world championship in Austria. Truly, a great achievement.

But as the news spread, breeders everywhere became aware of the family’s champion-stallion, and Ingunn came to realize how ill-equipped she and her family were to handle such demand. In that very moment, she got an idea: To create a place for stallion owners that support the activities associated with selling breeding stock.

Studly om os partnere og direktion

Meet the Studly-team