Collaboration with Agria Dyreforsikring

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Collaboration with Agria

Studly and Agria Dyreforsikring partners up

Studly and Agria Dyreforsikring partners up. After signing a partnership-agreement, mare owners can now get a prospective foal insurance when they order semen or live cover for their mare on Studly. We’re incredibly happy for this collaboration with Agria that gives our users and customers more safety.

Going forward, Studly will refer any customers, interested in prospective foal insurance, to Agria. That way, Studly can hopefully remove layers of complexity, doubt and uncertainty when mare owners are deciding what stallion to use for their mare. Likewise, Agria will get access to potential members that find themselves in the middle of a buying process and whose mare might not be covered by insurance.

The collaboration between Studly and Agria Dyreforsikring fits in well with our set of values; to be responsible and acknowledge the feelings associated with having horses. With this strategic step, we move closer to a solution that brings high value to horse breeders.

What is a prospective foal insurance?

With a prospective foal insurance from Agria Dyreforsikring, you can expect an insurance cover if:

  • There’s a visible loss of fetus / foal
  • The foal is born dead
  • Re-absorption of the fetus after the mare is scanned in-foal*
  • Foals that dies 30 days after being born

*In order to receive compensation for resorption (missing fetus), the mare must be proven pregnant by a pregnancy examination which must not be older than the day the insurance was issued.

Agria’s prospective foal insurance is made for you that contemplate about getting a foal. A package-deal that provides safety for both fetus and foal. The insurance can be issued from 40 days of pregnancy up to and including 30 days before the mare is expected foaling.

Included in the prospected foal insurance, you’ll find sick and illness insurance for your foal the first 30 days after being born. The insurance compensates up to 60.000 kr. if the foal gets ill or an injury that requires treatment from a veterinarian.

The prospective foal insurance can also be issued for mares that is not covered by any insurance from Agria already.

Your mare’s insurance doesn’t have to be used if the foal needs treatment from a veterinarian the first 30 days after being born. Thus, your mare will still be covered by insurance if she falls ill or gets an injury.

If you want a separate insurance for your foal within 30 days of the foal being born, the insurance is non-insensitive in the same way as for the prospective foal insurance.

Prospective foal insurance from Agria can be issued for mares between 3 and 22 years old.

Compensation and excess risk

The insurance covers veterinary expenses up to 60.900 kr. and has a fixed excess risk of 2.899 kr. as well as a variable excess risk of 20 percent.

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