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Receive payment via bank transfer or any other payment-method.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I register my stallion to Studly?

Is your stallion approved for breeding and does it have X-factor other stallions doesn’t have? If you can say “Yes” to these things, then your stallion might just have what mare owners everywhere are looking for. You can find more information about what is expected from you as a stallion owner by clicking here.

What is required from the mare owner?

We require all users of Studly to share some information about themselves, such as contact information and information about their horse. This will make sure that you know who is in fact ordering a covering from your stallion, and which mare the covering is for and how you contact its’ owner.

When do I receive payment for the bookings placed on my stallion?

When a mare owner books a stallion for their mare, payment will be charged two times. First, a reservation fee is charged equal to 1/3 of the total price when the mare owner places a booking. Second, the covering fee equal to 2/3 of the total price will be charged IF the mare gets in-foal. If the mare doesn’t get in-foal, and appropriate documentation is presented, then the covering fee is refunded to the mare owner. You can read more about payment here.

Why is payment charged two times?

Transparency and trust is very important for the Studly-experience. When the mare owner places a booking on your stallion, they’ll have to pay the reservation fee. The reservation fee acts as your assurance that the mare owner will follow through with their booking. As of such, the reservation fee is non-refundable, even if the mare is not in-foal or if the mare doesn’t show.

If the mare gets successfully in-foal, and the appropriate document to proof this exists, then Studly will release the covering fee to you. In the case that the mare doesn’t get in-foal, then the covering fee is refunded to the mare owner. In both cases, Studly will withhold the payment to give both parties time to make sure that everything is as it should be. Read more here.

How do I confirm the mare owner's request?

When a mare owner sends you a request to use your stallion, you’ll get an email, where you can accept or decline their request.