Studly’s Terms of Conditions

1. General

( is an online service owned by Studly ApS, Observatorievejen 2, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. Terms of use apply for all Studly’s services, including web-service (hereafter referred to “Web”). Any use of Studly’s services requires your full accept of terms of use. Otherwise, you can’t use any of Studly’s services. Studly’s services may only be used by consumers 13 years or older.

For more information about how Studly handles personal data read our privacy policy.

2. Creating a profile

To use Studly’s services you need to create a profile. Creating a profile requires that you type your e-mail address and a password. The profile you create is for personal use only. To utilize all functionalities of Studly’s services, you can share additional information about yourself, e.g. zip-code, age, gender etc.

By creating a profile on Studly, you type in a personal password that requires handling with confidentiality. Never share your password with others.

3. Security

Studly follows the rules of the following security measures:

  • All data used to communicate back and forth between Studly and your device is encrypted. Therefore, it’s not possible for outsiders to access contents of the data between you and Studly.
  • Studly employees will never access your payment information without your consent. Unless the case you need support.
  • Only authorized employees from Studly can gain access to data to secure data quality or trouble shooting without consent.
  • All employees from Studly goes through a background check before hiring.
  • Studly initiates ongoing back-ups of data on Studly’s services
  • Studly uses logging and registers ip-addresses that your profile accesses, just as we register any failed attempts to access your profile.
  • Studly uses third-party scanning of Studly’s services Studly uses an external security company that scans Studly’s services for breaches in security. If the security company finds serious threats, then Studly will be informed about these and subsequently take the necessary precaution to resolve it.

You are responsible for keeping account information and password safe.

In the case of misuse or suspected misuse of your password, you are responsible for contacting Studly via e-mail: If Studly suspects misuse of your profile, Studly can lock your profile. In such cases, Studly will not be held responsible by you or third-party.

Studly recommends you to maintain high security standard. You should:

  • Make sure that your password is properly secured. Your password should include special characters.
  • Always make sure that you log out when you’re done using Studly’s services, especially if you’ve been using public devices.
  • Never give away your password to others.

4. Communication between Studly and users

Studly reserves the right to forward you important information about, such as changes to the e-mail that you provide when you create a profile. When buying or selling on Web, Studly will inform you via the e-mail provided when you create a profile. Notices from Studly can be based on your use of Studly’s services. Read more about how Studly handles your personal data in our privacy policy.

Studly will inform you about your bookings, unless you resign from this. Such information could include user tendencies, order status, terms and conditions etc.

With your consent, Studly can forward newsletters, information about new functionalities and other material related to Studly to your e-mail. With your consent, Studly can forward you discounts and offers. Such discounts and offers can be based on information about your use of Studly’s services. Read Studly’s privacy policy.

5. Rights

Studly reserves the right to all services, including Web and other related material used on Studly’s services. This includes, but is not restrained to, copy right and property rights on Studly’s services. You reserve the right of the material that you upload to Studly’s services, but you give Studly a non-exclusive user right of this material, so that Studly can deliver services to you.

As a user, you’ll get non-exclusive user rights to use Studly’s services, including Web. Studly can, at any point, withdraw user rights.

6. Operations

Studly tries to avoid mistakes, missing functionalities and maintenance issues on Web, but this can occur. Studly would like to receive information about any issues, such as the areas mentioned above and will resolve cases as soon as possible.

Studly commends ongoing maintenance and updates of Web. In the case of maintenance, issues with functionalities on Studly might occur. In case of updates, some functionalities might be removed from Studly.

Studly will inform of expected maintenance issues in advance, just as the users will be informed about removal of functionalities.

Studly is not responsible for mistakes, maintenance issues or removal of functionalities.

7. Expiration

If you disagree with our user terms or if you want to resign from the use of Studly, you reserve the right to get your profile deleted.

Studly can, at any point and without warning, delete or resign your right to use Studly’s services e.g. if you practice unacceptable user behavior, trying to access other user accounts, getting hold of other user data or otherwise illegal behavior. In the likely event that Studly suspend or resign your user rights on Studly’s services, Studly will inform you via the e-mail provided when you created a profile.

When deleting your profile, Studly will delete or make data related to your user-profile anonymous without the option to be recalled or recreated. You can’t raise any demands against Studly in the case that your account is deleted.

8. Recalling your consent

You can recall any consent that you’ve given to Studly at any point. This includes consents given via newsletters, marketing-mails, retrieval of account information etc. Recalling your consent can happen via Web, just as you can recall any consent via

In the case that you recall any consent, you will still have access to your account on Web, but some functionalities won’t be available.

9. Responsibility

Studly is not responsible for use on Web, including actions or non-actions on Web. Use of Web, such as the information you’ll get hold of on Web will be on your own risk and responsibility.

In the case where Studly gives the user discounts and offers from third-party, Studly is not responsible for deals made between the user or third-party. Said deals happen between the user and third-party only.

Studly is not responsible for breaking agreements, property damage or loss in the case of force majeure, including virus- or hacker attacks, breakdowns or mistakes in communication systems, power failure, supplier’s force majeure and other unexpected events that Studly, within reason couldn’t predict or otherwise avoid.

In the case that Studly is held responsible, the compensation that Studly would be responsible to pay would never be more than what the user would have payed through the use of Studly’s services and only 12 month prior to the incident and of such the compensation will never be more than DKK 50.000.

10. Changes

Studly reserves the right to change these terms at any time. The latest version of these terms can be found on Web. You will be informed about changes of terms via the e-mail provided when you create a profile. In the case that you don’t accept the new terms, you no longer reserve the right to use Web, and Studly reserves right to delete your profile.

11. Version

These terms were updated May 2019 and replaces earlier terms throughout Studly’s services. Terms apply until otherwise updated.